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Your Contacts & Address Book holds all those names and numbers that every parent needs to keep track of. It's the ideal place to keep contact information for doctors, teachers, the children's friends, and anyone else whom you may need to contact.

Your Contacts & Address Book is available anytime of night or day. You'll never accidentally leave a much-needed number at home again- you'll always be able to retrieve the information you need, when you need it.

Clicking on the name for a contact displays the person's name, their home, work, FAX, pager, and cell phone numbers, their complete address, email addresses, and a extra space for personal notes or memos. Clicking on their email address lets you send them a quick email.

A full search function is provided to help you quickly locate contacts. You can search for their first or last name, their email address, or by their home, work, and cell phone numbers.

"OPTIMAL: The Most Advanced Custody Management Solution In The World™"

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