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You can use the Private Message Center to securely communicate with the people you've given Guest access to. The Private Message Center works like a miniature email system. Your messages stay confidential because they never leave the security of our site.

You can elect to have a new message notification sent to you by email whenever a message is left for you. The message itself is held securely on our server and is only accessible from within the Private Message Center.

This is an ideal method to foster communication between you and the child's other parent, as it allows communication without personal overtones. This reduces the stress and anxiety often felt when dealing with the other parent, especially in cases where parents don't get along.

The Private Message Center is also a great means of communication between you and your attorney- secure, reliable, and available 24 hours a day. As with all the user tools in OPTIMAL, the Private Message Center is a separate module and can be turned on or off for Guest access independently.

"OPTIMAL: The Most Advanced Custody Management Solution In The World™"

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