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ParentingTime.net wants you to be completely satisfied with the OPTIMALâ„¢ service, so our Refund Policy is simple and uncomplicated:

If you have an OPTIMAL account and find you can't use it (for whatever reason), we'll gladly refund your money, minus your credit card company's service fee, if any.

To obtain a refund, simply notify us through our Contact form within the first fourteen (14) days from the time your account is activated. To cancel your account, send us the following information: your name, your email address, and your account number.

The only exceptions to our 14-day guarantee are when previous years have been added to an account, or if the account has been modified (name and/or owner information changes), or repeated purchase/refund instances. To prevent abuse of our system, repeatedly purchasing and refunding OPTIMAL accounts is also not allowed. We also ask that you use your OPTIMAL account for at least three (3) days in order to give it a fair evaluation. Cancellations before the 3-day evaluation period will incur a service charge of $25.00.

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