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PACE411.com OPTIMAL™ is endorsed by the Professional
Association of Custody Evaluators

OPTIMAL is the only custody-tracking tool endorsed by PACE, the Professional Association of Custody Evaluators. PACE is a private, non-profit national organization formed in 1988. Pace's membership is composed of mental health professionals who specialize in child custody and related issues. PACE's goal is to acknowledge and strengthen the professionally prepared comprehensive custody evaluation e.g., the psychological-legal knowledge base, assessment procedures, courtroom testimony, etc. PACE endorses OPTIMAL because OPTIMAL excels at providing the kind of crucial information that custody evaluators need to make informed decisions.

SPARC: ''Keeping Families Connected''  OPTIMAL™ is endorsed by SPARC 

OPTIMAL has the distinction of being endorsed by SPARC, one of the web's most highly respected sites for divorce and custody issues.

SPARC's name stands for Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center, and they are the "Net's most complete information to help fathers and other non-custodial parents.", according to Karon Goodman, the About.com guide for Step-parenting.

SPARC offers a spreadsheet-based time tracking utility called the 'Parenting Time Tracker' or 'PTT'. The design of OPTIMAL is based on extensive experience with the features of the PTT, but OPTIMAL was designed to go far beyond what the PTT can do and provide greater functionality. (OPTIMAL even imports the PTT spreadsheets so if you've been using the PTT, you don't have to re-enter your data.) And it was designed to do all this using only a browser- unlike the PTT, you don't need Microsoft Excel to use OPTIMAL.

SPARC has recognized OPTIMAL as the ideal, easy-to-use tool for any parent involved with divorce and custody issues. For that reason, SPARC has officially endorsed ParentingTime.net -and only ParentingTime.net- as their parenting time tracking application of choice.

"OPTIMAL is 'hands-down' the best tool we've ever seen for managing parenting time. Using it could literally mean the difference between winning and losing in court."

  OPTIMAL™ is endorsed by OurDivorceAgreement.com 

"As a mediator of divorce and custody disputes, I can tell you that if a parent brought evidence for denied visitation from OPTIMAL's reporting functions, it would be an impressive addition to his/her case. Usually parents in such cases only cite individual incidents and have unimpressive methods of substantiating and quantifying their claims. Not so with OPTIMAL.

I am impressed with the thoughtful, comprehensive nature of OPTIMAL. I can't think of anything that is missing from the product. And if I did, I'm sure the creators would add it, given their attention to detail.

As a mediator, I always work towards cooperation. But I realize that for various reasons, this doesn't always happen. If things go sour, I can think of no better tool to use to document what has gone wrong in a visitation situation. I will definitely recommend OPTIMAL to clients in adversarial situations with custody/visitation conflicts."

Mark Stein,
Divorce Mediator and Founder, OurDivorceAgreement.com

  OPTIMAL™ is endorsed by Dean Tong 

"...a great tool for not only visitation dispute and custody litigants, but also family law attorneys and private investigators, too."

Dean Tong, internationally known family rights and forensic consultant on child abuse, domestic violence, and child custody cases. Abuse-Excuse.com

Hard hitting news with Sex Appeal  OPTIMAL™ is endorsed by Mens News Daily 

"OPTIMAL is a superb service for parents involved in custody battles" - Mike LaSalle, editor, Mens News Daily

Divorce Counseling & Consulting  OPTIMAL™ is endorsed by Dr. Reena Sommer, Ph.D. 

"OPTIMAL is a well thought out and useful tool for divorcing parents who want to maintain their relationships with their children." - Reena Sommer, Ph.D. Dr. Reena Sommer & Associates

TeamDad.com  OPTIMAL™ is endorsed by TeamDad 

"Faces of Fatherhood, Inc. (TeamDad) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization focused on getting dads and father figures to understand their parenting role and to provide them helpful suggestions, ideas and easy-to-do activities for better connecting with their children. We annually create, produce and distribute a Faces of Fatherhood Calendar and a TeamDad Father Friendly Resource Guide which carries hundreds of ideas for doing more things WITH your children versus just doing things FOR them.

Our Resource Guide has numerous tips and links to over 60 helpful companies & organizations under 14 distinct topics, such as 'Creative Activities to Do Together', 'After School Learning', and 'Tips for Non-married Parents'. Under this last topic, which often deals with stressful custody issues, we believe it is a child's right to have the best relationship possible with both parents, and to feel loved by both and know they do not have to choose between them.

One of the points we stress is for the parents to make an extra effort to open up lines of communication between them, to share information and to have a mutually updated calendar including all family member engagements. This should include all times & activities each separate parent shares with their child(ren). From our standpoint, the OPTIMAL system presented here is a terrific tool for accomplishing this task, and is one we recommend all non-married parents review."

- Bear L. P. Ferguson, President & Executive Director, Faces of Fatherhood, Inc. (TeamDad)

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