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The Tracker is one of the central parts of OPTIMAL and is used to record the details of your parenting time so that you have a permanent, cumulative record. Tracker records can be created for dates as far back as 1990.

The Tracker captures the "who, what, when, where, and why" for every instance of parenting time, whether it is time spent together or a telephone call.

The information gathered by the Tracker is used by the Statistics module to create the graphical views of your parenting time and of the other parent's compliance with the custody agreement.

Events such as overnight stays and 'denied time' are automatically detected and displayed with special icons. You can also select icon flags to be used to mark your own set of specific kinds of events.

The Tracker contains a wealth of intelligent features to make entering time quick and easy; creating a basic visitation record in the Tracker usually takes less than a minute. The integrated spell checker helps you produce more consistent and readable notes.

"OPTIMAL: The Most Advanced Custody Management Solution In The World™"

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