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Going to court without the Tracker can be a disaster!

Every single day, good, solid custody and child support cases are needlessly lost because they lacked appropriate documentation. The lack of good documentation can also cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees. As any attorney will tell you, having the proper documentation is critical in litigation.

In short, if you can't provide the courts (and custody evaluators) with reliable information they can trust, it can and will end up costing you money, custody, and parenting time with your children. This is a common situation, and cases are often lost because of it.

A different situation occurs when solid, verifiable documentation is entered into evidence and presented to the opposing counsel: the litigation process is often radically shortened.

Once the other attorney understands that you have verifiable documentation that supports your position, they'll often decide to settle sooner and on more favorable terms to you. Most attorneys prefer to quickly settle a case they believe they're going to lose, rather than fight it pointlessly.

Settling sooner rather than later means fewer motions, depositions, attorney meetings, etc. And all of these things cost you money. For example, a one-day deposition used to settle a minor issue can easily cost over $1000.00.

One critical factor in obtaining custody or fair amounts of parenting time is the ability for you to show the level of involvement you have in your children's lives. The Tracker helps you keep detailed notes and time records of all the time you spend with them.

The OPTIMAL Tracker lets you show how much time you spent, what you did, where you were, and over 30 other details that can paint a clear picture of your involvement in raising your children. The Tracker even keeps a count of non-parental time, which is time when the children aren't with either parent (for example, while the children are in school, in daycare, at camp, etc.).

With the Tracker records you create in OPTIMAL, you can gain more control over the outcome of your case and encourage fairer, more equitable behavior from the other parent and opposing counsel. Using the Tracker charts and printouts can make a crucial difference. Although the Tracker captures a wealth of information, it takes just minutes a day to make the entries.

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