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Many states offer a "child support credit" for parents who are devoted to their children, but you must be able to demonstrate the time spent with solid, consistent records. OPTIMAL can document the time you spend with your children and provide the proof you need. One OPTIMAL graph showing the time spent with your children is worth hours of argument by your attorney.

Judges and mediators do not have the time or the interest to sort though long lists of times and dates to find the truth- instead, use OPTIMAL to show them what they need to know at a glance. Judges want clear, concise information that allows them to make an decision- not handfuls of written notes, scribbled messages, and questionable times and dates.

OPTIMAL graphs and records can prove your case!

By showing the judge the true extent of your time and involvement in a clear, understandable way, you can give the court the justification it needs to order a reduction in the amount of child support you're required to pay.

OPTIMAL proves your case and helps you reduce your child support.

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