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It's sad, but the truth is that very often a parent wins custody with lies about how much time they spend with the child. Don't waste your time trying to convince the court it was duped. With OPTIMAL you'll have the proof you need to show who's telling the truth.

By starting from a strong, well-documented position you can show the court a 'clear change of circumstance' (also referred to as a 'substantial change in circumstances'). This is grounds for a reversal of custody, and OPTIMAL can help you prove it.

Courts don't like to change custody without good reason, but they will if you can show them why they should. Clear, compelling documentation is the key. Stories and rambling testimony make little, if any, impression on a judge, but well-organized records that support your position do.

Most judges truly want what's best for children, and by showing them the facts with clear, understandable documentation you make it easy for them to justify a change in custody. This is what OPTIMAL was created to do- to produce records that show the judge what he needs to see.

Get OPTIMAL today and start making a change for the better.

OPTIMAL helps you prove your case in court

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