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The OPTIMAL Child Support module helps you keep track of support payments and other child-related expenses. Payments can be referenced by paycheck date or by a CS payment date, as well as by optional Income Source and Tracking Number fields.

The color-coded payment form is 'live'- as you make changes, the year -to-date totals and percentages are recalculated immediately onscreen for you to see.

Once a support payment is entered, the payment record is locked to prevent accidental editing. (Payment records may be unlocked and updated by you at any time to make changes or correct payment details.)

The current year-to-date values of Total Percentage of Income Paid, Total Amount of Support Paid, Personal Funds Left Over, and the Current Support Balance are displayed.

For recording specific details about payments or expenses, a notes field is available at the bottom of the form.

"OPTIMAL: The Most Advanced Custody Management Solution In The World™"

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