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The Tracker Month View (viewed 5495 times)

The Tracker Month View shows you a single month at a glance, including Scheduled Time, Actual Time, Non-Parental Time, and any Tracker Event flags that have been set for that day. It also shows columns for the Visit Type and Location, as well as expenses and mileage. Columns on the left show optional icons to indicate if a day contains Tracker Notes or multiple visit periods.

From left to right, the columns are:

  • Date
  • Multiple Visit indicator
  • Notes indicator
  • Scheduled Hours
  • Actual Hours
  • Non-Parental Time
  • Visit Type
  • Visit Location
  • Mileage
  • Expenses
  • Tracker Event Flags

When you click on a day's row (called "drilling down"), the row expands to show you more information:

When you drill down into a row the Tracker displays the Tracker Timeline and a list of Tracker events for that day, plus the total parenting time for the day.

Two buttons are also shown, Edit these Start/Stop times and Edit or Add Notes or Flags.

Clicking the Edit these Start/Stop times button take you to the Tracker Timeline, where you can view and adjust any Tracker time periods you've set for that day. (You add Tracker time periods by using the Add new Tracker entry button at the top of the Month View screen.)

Clicking the Edit or Add Notes or Flags button takes you to the Tracker Notes screen, where you can make notes for that day and set Tracker Event flags.

t's important to note that the Tracker Timeline and the Tracker Notes are actually separate records. They're shown together in the Notes view to give you a complete view of all the information in a given day:

Clicking on the green portion(s) of the Timeline at the top of the screen will take you to the screen where you can Edit Tracker Event Times And Dates.

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