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Tracker Notes vs Tracker Timeline entries (viewed 6627 times)

The difference between a Tracker Note record and a Tracker Timeline record is fairly straightforward:

  1. The Tracker Timeline (shown below) appears as a pair of horizontal bars that show both custody time and non-custody time for a single day:

    Tracker Timeline

    The Scheduled time is shown on top and the Actual time is on the bottom. Between the two bars is a 24-hour timeline.

    Custody time is shown in green and non-custody time is shown in gray, with the green blocks representing time that the children are with you or under your care and the gray blocks representing time the child is not with you or under your care. (In this example there several Actual time periods but no Scheduled time periods.)

  2. Tracker Notes (shown below) contain notes tied to a given day, plus any Tracker event flags you may have set for that day. They're a day-by-day record of what happened during your parenting time. They don't contain any time information.

    Tracker Notes Screen

  3. Tracker Timeline records are span or block of time that you've marked as parenting time. They don't contain any notes or flags, they just mark time.

  4. Tracker Timeline records are compared against the Parenting Plan Schedule that you created in the Calendar. By comparing the Timeline against the Parenting Plan Schedule, OPTIMAL calculates the parenting time you received (or didn't receive).

  5. You can create a Tracker Timeline entry and add Notes at the same time if you want. Notes made when creating a Timeline period get attached to the very first day in whatever visit period you set.

    For example, if you create a Timeline entry for January 1st through January 10th, the notes will appear in the Tracker Notes screen for January 1st. (You can add notes to other days without creating additional Timeline entries if you like.)

  6. You can delete Tracker Timeline records without affecting the Tracker Notes, and vice versa. They're stored separately for maximum flexibility and usefulness.

  7. When you "drill down" into a day in the Tracker Month View, you see the Tracker Timeline. If you drill down further, you see both the Timeline and any Notes for that day, giving you a complete overview of all the information about that day. For more information on the Tracker Month View, click here.

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