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How Do I Delete A Tracker Notes Entry? (viewed 4502 times)

To delete a Tracker Notes entry, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Tracker icon in the OPTIMAL Toolbar and go to the month that contains the parenting time event to be deleted.

  2. Click on the day that contains the event to be deleted.

  3. Click the Edit or Add notes or flags button. The Tracker Notes screen for the day appears.

  4. Click the Delete this record at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation prompt will appear.

  5. Click Okay to delete the time period, or Cancel to stop.

  6. To prevent accidental deletion of important records and notes, a second confirmation screen appears.

  7. Click Yes, delete the entry at the second confirmation screen.
  8. Clicking Yes deletes the Tracker Note entry, including any text and Event Flags that may have been set. Note that Tracker Timeline events are not deleted when you delete Tracker Note entries. (To see the difference between a Tracker Note and Tracker Timeline entry, view this page: Tracker Note vs Tracker Timeline)
  9. Click the Continue button to return to the Tracker screen.

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