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Editing Tracker Event Times And Dates (viewed 4527 times)

You may find that you need to edit or adjust the start and/or stop time(s) of a parenting time event that you've created. This is easy to do, and editing the start and/or stop time(s) won't affect the notes, flags, or other information that you've saved in the tracker.

One thing to be aware of is when you change a start and/or stop time so that it overlaps another event that you've created. If you do this you'll be prompted to make sure that this is really what you intend to do, and be given the opportunity to merge the timeline of the events. As noted above, merging events doesn't affect any of the notes, flags, or other information that you've saved in the tracker- it only affects the timelines of the event or events that get merged.

Changes in start or stop times that affect the overall time when compared to the parenting plan schedule are shown in the timelines, the month view, and the statistics. If you make a change that results in the same overall time (for example, by shifting both the start and stop times of an event forward an hour), this won't have any effect on the timelines, month view, or statistics.

Adjusting Start And Stop Times
To adjust the start and/or stop times of a Tracker event, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Tracker icon in the OPTIMAL Toolbar and go to the month that contains the parenting time event to be modified.

  2. Click on the day to modify.

  3. Click on the Edit these start/stop times button. The Edit Start/Stop Times screen will appear.

  4. Click on the row that contains the time(s) you want to adjust. The row will highlight and the controls at the bottom of the screen will become enabled.

  5. Adjust the start or stop time(s) and/or dates as needed.

  6. Click the Change start/stop Times button at the bottom of the screen.

  7. The event is saved with the modified times.

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