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Miscellaneous Settings (viewed 4437 times)

The Miscellaneous Settings tab in the Personal Setting page allows you to tailor a variety of options that control the overall operation of OPTIMAL.

  1. Always keep a copy of your Sent mail?
    This makes a copy of messages that you send from the Private Message Center and places them in the 'Sent Mail' folder. (You can also choose to override this setting whenever you send a message.) In most cases you'll want to leave this enabled to help keep a record of all communication.
  2. Get an email when you receive a new Private Message?
    This sends you an email whenever you receive a new message in the Private Message Center. Note that the contents of the message are not sent, only an email alerting you that a new message is waiting for you.
  3. Always quote text when replying to a Private Message?
    This setting quotes the original text from a Private Message into the message you create when you replying through the Private Message Center. You can also choose to override this setting whenever you send a message.
  4. How many items to show per page?
    This setting controls how many rows are shown per page in the Journal, Checkbook, Tracker, Contacts, Tasks, etc. The default setting is 20.
  5. Show Tool Tips and Help Text?
    This setting enables the automatic display of "balloon" tool tips and help messages on each page. This is often helpful for Guests and new users. You may want to disable this feature after you become familiar with OPTIMAL.
  6. Calendar Spanbar Height
    This setting controls the thickness of the "spanbars" in the Calendar. Spanbars are the colored lines that run horizontally across days to indicate events. If you have lots of events you may want to set this to "thin" or "none". Note that this setting applies to regular events in the Calendar as well as the special Parenting Plan events.
  7. Show Upcoming Tasks and Notes?
    Your Home Page always displays today's Tasks and Notes. This setting enables the display of upcoming tasks and notes in addition to any Tasks and Notes for today. Select how many days ahead to show, or select '0' to turn this feature off.
  8. Year Offset Value
    Set this date to when you started tracking your parenting time. This setting specifies the number of days from the start of a given year to be excluded from calculations in statistics and graphs. You may want to use this option to correspond with the day a particular child was born so time prior to this date isn't tracked. This setting is optional.
  9. Calendar Display Name
    You may set a custom name to display on your Calendar, for example, "The Johnson Family Calendar". This setting is optional.
  10. Tracker Date Format
    You can choose to show dates in the Tracker in one of two ways:
    "Friendly" dates: Jan 19th, 2008
    Calendar dates: 2008-01-19
  11. Get an SMS Alert when you receive a new Private Message?
    In addition to receiving an email whenever you receive a new message in the Private Message Center you may also choose to receive an SMS Alert if your cellular provider supports it. This setting enables or disables the sending of SMS messages when you receive a new Private Message.
  12. Send SMS alerts to this email address
    Some cell phones can receive text messages, and this field is where you would enter the address or number that corresponds to your phone. If you're unsure what to put here, please contact your cell phone company or provider and ask them for information on how to send SMS text messages to your phone.

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