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Setting Up The Parenting Plan Schedule (viewed 9281 times)

One of the first things you need to do when you start using OPTIMAL is to set up a copy of your parenting plan or schedule in the Calendar. (You'll only need to do this once, when you first start using OPTIMAL.)

The schedule you make in the Calendar should mirror the parenting plan schedule that you received from the court as closely as possible. (If you don't have a parenting plan yet, enter whatever schedule or arrangement you're currently using.)

You can make two kinds of events in the Calendar: "ordinary" events and special "parenting plan" events. The events you make to show your parenting schedule must be marked as the "parenting plan" type of event.

To mark a Calendar event as part of your special parenting plan schedule, click the checkbox titled "This is part of my parenting plan schedule:". Calendar events marked this way will automatically be linked with the Tracker and then compared with the Actual Time that you record.

Again, this checkbox should only be used when setting up your parenting plan schedule. Do not use it for events that aren't part of the parenting plan, such as doctor's visits, meetings, or other miscellaneous events.

By setting this checkbox, you're telling OPTIMAL to use this event with the Tracker, and to use it when comparing your Scheduled Time with your Actual Time. Unless this event is part of your standard parenting schedule, you do not want to do this.

If you use set this checkbox for other events (doctor's visits, meetings, etc), OPTIMAL will consider this time as Scheduled Time and use it in calculating the Statistics, altering your stats in ways you might not expect or want.

Again, only use this checkbox if you are laying out your parenting plan (usually done when you first start using OPTIMAL).

If you have questions about this setting and when it should be used, please contact us and we'll be glad to go over it with you.

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