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How can I give public access to a file? (viewed 4471 times)

To make a file in your File Storage area publicly accessible, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Files icon in the OPTIMAL toolbar.

  2. For the file that you want to make publicly accessible, click the link marked 'Private' for it in the Access column.

    Note: When you first upload a file to the File Storage area, it is set to Private and no User Access rights are assigned. This means that only you can see it and the file is not publicly accessible.

  3. When you click the 'Private' link, the link text changes to 'Public'. (If it is already 'Public' don't click the link again.)

  4. Next to the 'Public' link is a link titled URL. Click the URL link.

  5. The public access URL is displayed at the top of the page, similar to this:

    Use this URL for Public access to this file: http://custodytracking.com/file/74a71867a9d78...

  6. Copy the text beginning with "http:" to the end of the line. This is the URL you may give out to allow people to access this file.

  7. You may make the file private again by clicking the 'Public' link. When you do, the link text will change to 'Private' and the file will no longer be publicly accessible.

  8. Note that you may keep the file in 'Private' mode and still allow your Guests to access it. To do this, go to the the Files screen and click on the file name, then click the button marked File Access. You will then be able to set access rights for each Guest that you want to be able to access the file.

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