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What is the File Storage area for? (viewed 4740 times)

The File Storage area can be used to store photos, documents, or scanned images of things like bills and receipts. You can control access to these files individually and make them available publicly or privately.

For example, you could scan a bill for school supplies or a visit to the children's doctor and make it available for viewing or comments to the other parent.

Files can have multiple comments attached to them, and a complete viewing, access, and download history is kept for each file.

Files may be made completely private (only visible to you) or may be made accessible to Guests. You may assign separate access rights for each file for each of your Guest Accounts. For example, your attorney may be given access to a stored copy of your proposed parenting plan, but no one else would be able to see or access it.

Another example would be making a picture of your children available through a special link that you can give out to whomever you want- if you choose to enable public access then you can allow even non-Guests to view a picture or access a file (as long as you've given them the link).

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