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How do I export the Tracker records to an Excel spreadsheet? (viewed 5482 times)

You can export the Tracker records to a 'comma-delimited' or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Print and Export screen by clicking on the printer icon in the toolbar.
  2. Select Custody Tracker from the drop-down list next to the line that says Export records from.
  3. Select the month and year to export the records from.
  4. If you want to include the Tracker time stamps, place a checkmark in the Show timestamps for Tracker events checkbox.
  5. If you want, add a title. This title will appear at the top of the Export Results screen.
  6. Click the Export Records button. A new window will open with the exported results.
  7. To format the results for copying into Excel, copy the entire Export Results screen (press CTRL-A on your keyboard) and then press CTRL-C.
  8. (Optional) Open a text editor such as Notepad and paste everything into a blank page. Then select everything again (press CTRL-A on your keyboard) and then press CTRL-C. This step removes all formatting that Excel may try to use (tables, fonts, colors, etc).
  9. Open Excel and press CTRL-V on your keyboard. The results will be pasted into Excel formatted by row and column.
Note: This procedure also works for other exported data, such as the Child Support Tracker, Contacts List, etc.

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