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Why do the graphs show up on the screen, but won't print out? (viewed 4358 times)

If you can see the graphs on your computer monitor but can't seem to print them out, this is most likely due to a browser issue that occurs when using some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Some earlier versions of Internet Explorer may also exhibit this behavior.

According to Microsoft, this behavior occurs when Internet Explorer attempts to 'pre-fetch' dynamically created images.

This problem is not known to occur in Netscape, Opera, or Mozilla/Firebird.


This problem does have a workaround. If the on-screen image is copied and pasted into another document (such as a Word document), the image can be printed normally. To copy the image, right-click on the graph image and select Copy. Then go the the application or document you want the image to appear in and select Paste from the Edit menu, or right-click and select Paste.

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