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What graphs does OPTIMAL produce? (viewed 5294 times)

OPTIMAL produces eight (8) different graphs:

  1. Parenting Time by Month
    This graph plots the Scheduled Time that you should have received against the Actual Time that you recorded in the Tracker.

  2. Denied Visits by Month
    This graph plots the number of Denied events for each month.

  3. Overnights by Month
    This graph shows the total number of overnight visits per month.

  4. Days Per Month with Contact
    This graph plots the number of days per month that you had any contact with your children.

  5. Parenting Time Distribution
    This pie graph shows the time distribution for each parent, including Non-Parental Time. This chart can be set to only count time from a specific date by using the Year Offset Value setting in the Miscellaneous tab of the Personal Settings screen.

  6. Monthly Percentage of Contact
    This graph displays the overall percentage of the month that you had contact with your children.

  7. Expenses by Month
    This graph displays the total amount you spent each month on items or activities related to your parenting time.

  8. Mileage by Month
    This graph displays the number of miles you drove each month where the travel was related to your parenting time, i.e. picking up the children, dropoffs, exchanges, etc.

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