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How do I use the Child Support Tracker? (viewed 7592 times)

The Child Support Tracker keeps a running record of child support either paid or received. To record a new payment, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Support icon in the OPTIMAL toolbar.

  2. The Support Tracker appears, with the current year's payments (if any) sorted by date.

  3. Click the New payment button at top left of the Support Tracker year view.
  4. Click on the CS Paid Date field and pick the correct date from the pop-up calendar.

    The Paycheck Date, Income Source and CS Tracking # are all optional. The Income Source field may be used to denote income from different jobs if needed. The CS Tracking # can be used to record a Support Enforcement item number or a check number to help you reconcile payments and keep track of which payment is which.

  5. Refer to Figure 1. Fill in the fields under the column Payment Amount. You may fill in only the fields you want to track, but we suggest filling in as many as possible. All amount fields are optional, which allows you to enter payments that are not tied to a paycheck (such as through wage garnishment).

    Fig 1 - Payment Panel

  6. After you fill in each field, press the TAB key to move to the next field. When you do this the current totals are automatically recalculated in the Amount Year to Date column on the right. The Year To Date Support Statistics are also recalculated.

  7. If the support payment was made through wage garnishment, click on the Garnish checkbox to track this. Recording garnished payments is optional, but we suggest tracking this item if possible.

  8. You may also make notes of up to 1000 characters regarding the support payment.

  9. Once you have filled in the fields and made any notes, click the Save this entry button. The payment is recorded and marked as an existing payment.

Editing a payment
You may edit records of payments made if necessary. See Editing a payment for more information.

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