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What is 'ROFR'? (viewed 4799 times)

The acronym ROFR stands for "Right Of First Refusal". This is an available choice in the Visit Type drop-down list in the Tracker editing screen.

The "Right Of First Refusal" is a provision frequently written into custody orders and parenting plans. The intent of a Right Of First Refusal provision is to maximize the time child spends with both parents (especially the non-custodial parent, whose time is normally limited to begin with). In its most basic form, Right Of First Refusal means that before either parent can use the services of a baby-sitter or other third-party caregiver, the other parent must be given the opportunity to care for the child during that time.

The kind of situations where Right Of First Refusal typically apply are both "spur of the moment" occurrences (your car breaks down and you're unable to pick up the child at school), as well as situations that are planned in advance (for example, job interviews, doctors' appointments, or night classes).

Understandably, exercising the Right Of First Refusal also depends strongly upon collaboration between the parents. When exercised properly, Right Of First Refusal can increase cooperation and trust between divorced or separated parents, allowing them to depend upon one another in the same way as they would if they were still in a cooperative marriage. This cooperation is also extremely beneficial to the child because it allows the child to see the parents working together in a positive way, as well as increasing the overall time the child spends with each parent.

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