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What is a 'time stamp'? Why do I need it? (viewed 5544 times)

The time stamp shows exactly when the last edit to a Tracker record took place. If you use the Tracker properly you'll build up a series of sequential entries that can be shown in court to have occurred when you say they did. The time stamp is automatically set whenever you save a Tracker entry. Timestamps appear on the Details page for each entry in the Tracker and look similar to this example timestamp:

 Time Stamp: 2008-09-06 20:29:11 

With a series of time-stamped sequential entries, no one can claim that you sat down at your PC and "made up" all the Tracker entries last night, or over the last few days. This is one major failing of most other custody tracking journals and programs. The Tracker time stamp is proof-positive of when the last entry was made.

In case of any dispute regarding the Tracker records, ParentingTime.net will examine and confirm that the Tracker time stamps are valid, and we will provide a certified letter to that effect to you or your attorney for use in court. If you require this service, please contact us.

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