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What are all the fields in the Tracker for? (viewed 4955 times)

The Tracker is where you record details of any visits, parenting time, telephone calls, or other contact with your children. The information that the Tracker captures is compared against the Parenting Time Schedule you created in the Calendar, and is then used to produce the charts and graphs found on the Statistics page.

At the very top of the page is the Tracker Timeline. Clicking on the green portion(s) will take you to the screen where you can add, edit, and delete Tracker Time entries. Below that is the area where you record details of any day-by-day notes.

To update the information you see on the Details page just edit the information, then click the Update this record button. All of the day's details are presented for you to edit as needed. The following fields are available for you to record information in:

  • Parent Name: Put the name of the parent or guardian who is present for this parenting time. This may also be the name of a significant other or a relative, such as a grandfather.
  • Visit Type: Select the type of visit from the drop-down list. Several standard labels are provided by default, but you may also add your own custom labels from the Label Manager screen.
  • Location: Select the location where visitation took place from the drop-down list. Several common locations are available, including Home, Vacation, Park, School, Doctor, and Other. There are also two custom labels you can add to the Location drop-down list. You can set the text for the custom labels from the Settings and Personal Preferences screen.
  • Non-Parental Time: Non-Parental Time is time when the children are with neither parent, such as when they are in school or at daycare. Non-Parental Time affects the yearly statistics and is reflected as a percentage for the year. Entering Non-Parental Time is optional.
  • Other People: Use this field to record any other people who were present during the visitation, such as friends and family.
  • Expense Amount:Use this field to record the total of any expenses related to the time you had your children. For example, money spent on food, gas, clothing, medical expenses, etc.
  • Expense Description: Use this field to record short details as to the nature of the Expense Amount field. This field is intended for a short description; for a longer, more detailed description of expenses use the 'General Remarks' or 'Activities' text box.
  • Mileage: Use this field to record any mileage incurred that is related to your parenting time, such as the distance traveled to pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Children present: Use the checkboxes in the Children present panel to indicate which children were present for each day's visitation. (To have the names display, you'll need to enter the children's names on the Settings page so the Tracker can display them.)
  • Event Flags: The Event Flags panel allows you to pick icons to display in the Tracker records. These icons can denote various events such as doctor visits, special notes, telephone calls, birthdays, etc. Most of the icons have a general implied meaning, but you can use them to indicate whatever kinds of things you want. Icons you've previously selected to show in a Tracker record will be displayed with a highlighted background in the icon-picker panel when you edit the Tracker record.
  • Activities text box: Use this text box to record notes about parenting time events, such as difficulty picking up or dropping off the children, late events, children's health issues, etc. This is a free-form text box and can contain anything you want to put in it.

Once you're done entering the details about the visit, you may save your changes by clicking the Save this record button. To cancel any changes and return to the previous screen, click the Cancel button.

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