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How do I set the picture on my Home page? (viewed 7327 times)

You can display a favorite photo on your OPTIMAL Home page by using one of the pictures you've uploaded to your File Storage area. (If you haven't uploaded a picture to use, you'll need to do that first.)

To set a picture for display on the Home page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your File Storage area by clicking on the File icon in the OPTIMAL toolbar.
  2. View one of the pictures you've uploaded.
  3. Click the link above the picture titled "Show this picture on my Home Page. The picture is then set as your Home Page image and is also displayed in a preview window. (Your picture is stored in a protected area on our server, and it is not accessible directly from the internet, it is only visible from within OPTIMAL unless you choose otherwise.)

To remove the picture, click the in the picture displayed on the Home Page. A confirmation box will appear. Confirm that you want to stop showing the picture on your Home Page by clicking "OK". The picture will be removed from your Home Page (but will still be available in your File Storage area).

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