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What is the Home Page for? (viewed 5938 times)

The Home Page is where you first come when you log into OPTIMAL. The Home Page provides a condensed view of any parenting time that's scheduled, as well as any Notes or Tasks set for today. You can also set a picture of your children to display whenever you login, as shown below.

The Home Page display

The Mini-Calendar shows both scheduled and repeating events for the month. Clicking the "<<<" and ">>>" buttons moves you forward and backward through the months. Clicking on a highlighted day brings up the details for that event, including any notes or display icons that have been set. Next to the Mini-Calendar is the Status Panel, which gives you a summary of your OPTIMAL account.

The Parenting Log entry is a live link to today's record; clicking on it takes you directly to the Details view of the Tracker record.

The Tasks and Notes entry is also a live link; if a link appears, clicking on it takes you to the Tasks screen where you can see any Notes or Tasks scheduled for today.

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