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Can I use any web browser with OPTIMAL? (viewed 29226 times)

Nearly any modern browser will work fine with OPTIMAL, including all recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Gecko, Opera, Safari, and Konquerer. OPTIMAL will also work on the Apple Mac versions of these browsers as well. If you have any difficulty using a particular browser with OPTIMAL, please contact us and let us know.

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We evaluate any web browser that is used by more than 5% of the ParentingTime.net site visitors on a quarterly basis. We also depend on web browser statistics and trends published by W3Schools.com. They publish monthly browser trend statistics and you can view this information by visiting the following link to this information on W3Schools.com site.

Even if your preferred browser is not supported by ParentingTime.net, it is likely that it will still work as long as your browser adheres to the following standards:

  • HTML 4.01
  • XHTML 1.0
  • CSS-1

Please note that even if your preferred browser does adhere to the standards above, if it is not a supported browser, we cannot guarantee full functionality on ParentingTime.net.

Your browser must have Javascript support (almost all do). OPTIMAL makes extensive use of Javascript, so you'll need to have Javascript turned on in your browser. OPTIMAL will not work on a browser without Javascript or that has Javascript turned off. Consult your browser's Help file or User's Guide for information on enabling Javascript.

In rare instances, some internet security software on your computer may interfere with OPTIMAL. Temporarily turning off the software will allow OPTIMAL to function normally. You may also be able to 'train' the security software to allow all aspects of the ParentingTime.net site. Consult your software documentation to see if it has this capability.

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