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How do I login? (viewed 5785 times)

You login from the http://parentingtime.net home page. On the top right side of the screen is a login button for Members and Guests:

Just type your user name (which is your email address) and password in the boxes, then click Login. After logging in you are taken to the OPTIMAL Home page.

If you're having difficulty logging in to OPTIMAL, check the following things:

  1. Do you have cookies enabled in your browser? Your browser must be set to accept cookies in order to log in to OPTIMAL. This is the most common problem encountered where logging in is concerned. For information on cookie settings, use your browser's Help file or User's Guide.
  2. Make sure the time and date on your PC are correct. An incorrect time or date can cause the login process to fail.
  3. Is Javascript enabled in your browser? In most browsers Javascript is enabled by default, but yours may have been turned off or disabled. Some 'pop-up stopper' software disables Javascript support when installed, so be sure to check this setting. Consult your browser's Help file or User's Guide for information on enabling Javascript.
If you're still having difficulty logging in, please contact us so we can help get you going.

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