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What do I do first? (viewed 14262 times)

You can get started quickly and easily by following these steps:

  1. Use the Setup Wizard to guide you step-by-step through configuring a few of the options in your OPTIMAL account.
    Click here to start the Setup Wizard.

  2. Enter your parenting plan (also called a "parenting schedule") into the Calendar. OPTIMAL uses this to compare with the entries you make in the Tracker.
    Click here to enter your Parenting Plan.

NOTE: If you have an irregular Parenting Plan schedule or a Parenting Plan schedule that changes frequently, you'll need to enter your Parenting Plan schedule a little differently. For information on entering an irregular Parenting Plan schedule, please see this page: How Do I Set Up An Irregular Schedule?

If you'd like some assistance in setting up your Parenting Plan in the Calendar, please click here to contact us. We'll be glad to help.

Use the Quick Help buttons to guide you through setting up things like repeating events.

Recording Time

You use OPTIMAL by recording your parenting time when the child or children are actually with you (or legally under your care). This time is compared against the parenting plan schedule you set in the Calendar.

For a full explanation of how you mark time with OPTIMAL, see this FAQ: How The OPTIMAL System Works.

Once you have things set up, you may want to make some sample entries in the Tracker to get a feel for it. You can go back and erase or change your entries when you're ready to start recording your actual parenting time.

You can go to the Personal Settings page at any time to customize the other parts of OPTIMAL, such as colors, notification preferences, and other configuration options.

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