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What is a 'block' of parenting time? (viewed 9592 times)

A block of parenting time consists of at least one (1) Scheduled Start time and one (1) Scheduled Stop time. Each complete parenting time record is defined by a pair of times and dates:

  • Scheduled Start and Stop Time (set in the Calendar)
  • Actual Start and Stop Time (set in the Tracker)

For each block of parenting time you record, you'll only have to enter the Actual Start and Stop times- OPTIMAL will take care of the rest. OPTIMAL will compare the Actual hours you record in the Tracker against the Scheduled hours from the parenting plan you set in the Calendar, and will calculate any differences.

Note that the Start and Stop times will typically be on different days, but they can also be on the same day, such as in the case of an afternoon visit with no overnight stay. The Tracker can accommodate both instances. The Tracker can also record multiple visits or time periods per day if you need to do that.

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