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How can OPTIMAL help me? (viewed 11811 times)

OPTIMAL provides a visual record of scheduled time versus actual time, and produces clear, illustrative graphs and charts for use in court. OPTIMAL also provides a calendar of scheduled time that you may (optionally) make available for others to view (such as your ex-spouse or your attorney).

OPTIMAL also eases communication between parents through the use if the Private Message Center, which allows parents to communicate securely without the stress often involved in phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

In part, OPTIMAL works on the same principle as a security camera: when people know they're being monitored, their behavior often changes (and usually for the better). If, for example, you're being denied time with your children, letting the other parent know that this behavior is being publicly tracked often prompts them to stop or moderate their behavior.

OPTIMAL also helps you (and your attorney) by keeping meticulous time-stamped records of your parenting time and of the events that occurred during your parenting time. Keeping detailed, consistent records is critical in any court case, and doubly so in custody cases.

Using the OPTIMAL Tracker charts and graphs in court to show how much parenting time you had is an excellent way to show the level of involvement in your child's life.

The Tracker graphs can also clearly show any interference with your parenting time, down to 1-minute increments.

OPTIMAL also helps simplify your life by giving you a place to keep contact information for your child's doctors, teachers, friends, etc, as well as information like Social Security Numbers, medicine instructions, and so on. With OPTIMAL you can now keep this information in a secure location that you can access 24 hours a day from any PC with a browser and an internet connection.

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