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Want to try the OPTIMAL demo? Just click the login button below.


Some things to try after you login:

  • Take a look at the Graph Controls: Click on the Statistics icon in the toolbar. Then click on a graph (any graph) and experiment with the options.

  • Check out the Tracker entry screen: Click on the Tracker icon in the toolbar. Click on the Wizard button to use the Form Wizard. (You can also enter everything one one screen by clicking the Add Tracker Entry button.)

  • Take a look at the Private Message Center by clicking on the Messages icon in the toolbar.

  • Check out the Custody Calendar: Click on the Calendar icon in the toolbar. You can get to the event add and edit screens by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the Calendar.

  • Compare OPTIMAL with the other custody tracking programs.

  • Click here and get the OPTIMAL advantage!

Please note that Some functions have been disabled to preserve the integrity of the data in the demo account.

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