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Welcome to ParentingTime.net

This is the home of OPTIMAL™, the Online Parenting Time Information Manager and Activity Log.

OPTIMAL™ is a unique online service that can help you win custody, change custody, or reduce child support. OPTIMAL™ is used every day by thousands of parents and families worldwide.

Read more below, or try the Demo to experience OPTIMAL for yourself.

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What is OPTIMAL?
OPTIMAL is an online custody calendar that allows parents to easily schedule and track parenting time as well as monitor compliance with their custody arrangement. (Often just monitoring each parent's compliance is enough to cause a change for the better.) Whatever kind of parenting arrangement you have- joint custody, sole custody, long distance, cooperative or conflicted- OPTIMAL can help make communicating with the other parent and managing your parenting time easier.

What can OPTIMAL do for me?
OPTIMAL provides an unbiased, easily accessible record of your parenting time. This can reduce or eliminate disputes over custody or parenting time, and can prevent conflict between you and the child's other parent. By using a shared tool for scheduling parenting time OPTIMAL™ helps enforce the parenting plan and makes sure each parent receives the parenting time they deserve.

What kinds of families use OPTIMAL?
OPTIMAL is perfect for divorced or separated parents, joint or sole custody arrangements, shared parenting, co-parenting, restricted contact or family reunification cases, and out-of-state or long-distance parenting situations. OPTIMAL is also recommended by mediators and therapists in cases where there may be parental alienation present or where one parent has questionable or deficient parenting skills. It's also ideal for use in combined or blended families, or where there is a high level of stress between parents.

Who uses OPTIMAL?
Thousand of parents and families in all 50 US states and over 20 different countries worldwide are using OPTIMAL to avoid the financial and emotional costs of returning to court over and over to resolve issues. By using OPTIMAL parents are able to coordinate schedules, communicate without stress, agree on changes to parenting schedules, and keep track of expenses without having to spend money on attorneys.

Can OPTIMAL help me in court?
Absolutely! You can use OPTIMAL to change custody, win custody, or reduce child support. OPTIMAL produces clear, compelling printouts that are specifically designed for use in court or negotiation. The OPTIMAL time logs are also powerful and effective tools, documenting any interference with your parenting time. As mentioned above, OPTIMAL can help you win child custody , change change custody , or reduce child support .

What comes with OPTIMAL?
The central parts of OPTIMAL are the Tracker and the Calendar. The Tracker lets you accurately record and track parenting time while the Calendar lets you show parenting schedules, appointments, birthdays, and more. However, OPTIMAL also contains a variety of other powerful and easy-to-use tools (included free) to help you manage and coordinate parenting time.

Hover over the icons to find out about each item or click for a full description.















OPTIMAL tools are easy to use, and are based on programs you already use at home and work.

Just $149 a year for the whole family!
Includes everything shown plus 10 Guest accounts. No hidden costs.

Nothing To Download, Nothing To Install!
OPTIMAL runs in your browser so you don't have to download or install anything- just sign up and you can be using it in minutes! And because it runs in your browser you can use it from anywhere: your home or office, a hotel, a friend's home... anywhere there is a PC with an internet connection! OPTIMAL works with any modern browser- Windows, Mac, or Linux .

The Form Wizards Make It Easy!
The OPTIMAL Form Wizards make it easy to enter your information- they guide you step-by-step, letting you back up and change things if you need to. You can try a Wizard by running the Demo and clicking the "Add a Calendar Event" link on the Home page.

Never Lose Critical Data
We know how important your records are, so your data is stored securely on our servers. You never have to worry about losing anything or spending time backing up your data. Even if your PC crashes or gets infected with a virus, you don't have to worry- your data will still be safe with us.

Powerful Graphs Make A Difference In Court!
The graphs OPTIMAL produces can make a powerful and compelling statement without saying a word. When presented in court or in negotiations they show exactly what's going on in a way that's hard to refute.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and OPTIMAL graphs make your case in a clear and easy-to-understand way. No other system produces the detailed custody and parenting time statistics that OPTIMAL does.

Advanced Time Tracking? We Can Do It!
Need to track multiple pick-ups and drop offs per day? End-to-End visits? Multiple locations? No problem- OPTIMAL can do all that and more! Track time down to 1-minute periods and create as many visits per day as needed. Other custody tracking programs just can't do this!

Secure File Storage? We've Got It!
OPTIMAL comes with secure online file storage, so you can upload images, documents, scanned bills, and more. You can restrict access to your files as well as make selected ones available in several different ways.

Private Messaging? It's Included- Free.
OPTIMAL comes standard with a powerful private messaging system you can use to communicate with your children, the other parent, legal professionals, or whomever you choose. Unlike other services, this is a standard part of OPTIMAL and does not cost extra.

Previous Years? No Problem!
OPTIMAL calendars, time-tracking, and journal entries can go back as far as you need to go to track time for as many children as required. Previous years are available whenever you want.

Private Chat? We've Got It!
OPTIMAL provides you with a private chat area for use with your children, legal advisors, friends, or whomever you want to invite. OPTIMAL Chat is fast, secure, and full-featured.

Just $149 a year for the whole family!
Includes everything shown plus 10 Guest accounts. No hidden costs.

Recommended By Professionals
OPTIMAL is endorsed and recommended by professionals and is recognized as a valuable tool for parents involved in divorce and custody situations. Read what professionals say about OPTIMAL.

Parents Love Us!
We've helped thousands of families over the years, and parents write us often to tell us how much OPTIMAL has helped them both in and out of court. Here's what parents say about OPTIMAL.

Mediators Love Us!
Mediators and therapists recommend OPTIMAL because they know it can help reduce the stress and conflict that come with managing custody and parenting time. When stress and conflict are reduced, everybody wins- especially the children.

Custody Evaluators Love Us!
OPTIMAL is the only custody-tracking tool endorsed by PACE , the Professional Association of Custody Evaluators. PACE is a private, non-profit organization whose membership is composed of mental health professionals who specialize in child custody and related issues.

Judges and Lawyers Love Us!
Judges and other legal professionals love OPTIMAL because it eliminates the "he said, she said" stories and gives them the detailed information they need to make fair decisions about custody and parenting time.

More Features, Easier To Use, and Costs Less!
We're not afraid to compare- OPTIMAL has more features, is easier to use, and has a proven track record. For example, see how we compare to the Our Family Wizard® service, and we think you'll agree that OPTIMAL is better!

(More comparisons and reviews coming soon)

You will have to live with the judge's custody decision for years- you owe it to your children to get the best custody outcome you can.

Don't leave the most important
decisions in your life up to chance!

Get OPTIMAL Today And Take Control Of Your Divorce!

Just $149 a year for the whole family!
Includes everything shown plus 10 Guest accounts. No hidden costs.

Have questions? Contact us!

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"OPTIMAL: The Most Advanced Custody Management Solution In The World™"

Don't go to court without it! Facing a judge or custody evaluator without the right kind of documentation can be disastrous... (more)

OPTIMAL can help ensure that you get the parenting time with your children as specified in your divorce or custody order...(more)

OPTIMAL really works! Parents, attorneys, mediators, and other parenting professionals have given OPTIMAL the highest praise...(more)

Parents Tell Us...

"I'm very excited about using OPTIMAL. A good parenting plan + OPTIMAL should be a stress-reducing, fairness-inducing combination. Everybody wins, especially the children."
Victoria R.

"...I am loving Optimal!"
S. Brown

"Took me a little while to learn the program, but it WORKS! Thank you for all your help!"
Karen K.

"...we showed OPTIMAL to our attorney, and his immediate reaction was 'WOW!'"
J. T. Michaelson, Cedar Key, FL.

"I wanted to tell you how AWESOME this program has been for me. I have gotten so much information recorded because of your website. Thank you for everything and parentingtime.net is the best!!!"
Daphne B.

"I can't thank you enough for the different this made in court. They (my ex and her attorney) had no chance once the judge saw the records from Optimal."
Brad F.

"Thanks for all the support and help. This program is truly amazing and has saved me countless hours when preparing affidavits."
B. H.

"Thank you so much. You folks have amazing customer service. Your product is phenomenal and your support is so appreciated."
B. H.

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am and how much I appreciate your quick and accurate responses. I am very impressed with the program and even more impressed with the ParentingTime Team."

"By the way, I want to let you know that this database has been fabulous. We are headed back to court and its AMAZING going through the journal how many problems we've had that you just deal with and move on and when you can look back and see everything, print everything, etc. it really makes a difference."
Robin M.

"BTW, this tool is absolutely awesome!!!!"

"A huge THANK YOU to whoever made this program!!!"

"Given what this product is, support for parents engaged in emotional access and custody disputes, being able to deal with a "stress-free" service like this is most appreciated."

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